Rollover Milano Records comes with a simple promise: to support and promote DJs and producers of Italy’s underground scene. All inclusive of genres, no borders, just fun coolness. 

Isla is one of the main protagonists of the movie ‘The Holy Mountain’ by Alejandro Jodorowsky. She is a companion of the Alchemist who tries to find the Holy Mountain to find the secret of immortality. This whole EP is inspired by Jodorowsky’s work. Lorenzo Morresi imagines transforming the dreamlike atmospheres that accompany Jodorowsky’s dystopian vision into music, bringing them to the club, primed to be played at high volume, in dark light, on discerning dancefloors

EVIL SAINT FRANCIS – Memory Lane, Lying in Pain feat. LVCA remix

Memory lane Lying in Pain is the debut Ep by Evil Saint Francis, the latest incarnation of Francesco Mele who is a known figure in the Italian indie/darkwave scene. Penned at the height of lockdown to exorcise his demons the Memory Lane Lying In Pain E.P. is a darkwave/synthpop/shoegaze threesome with a very dark bystander. LVCA aka Luca Cazal also steps up with remix duties on the E.P., drawing from his synth pop and new wave influences from his former years as a musician, he delivers an acid tinged rendition of ‘memory lane..’

FERRARI – SUBACQUEO feat. Bell Towers remix

The next outing on the label comes from Ferrari. Hailing also from Milan, the DJ & producer makes a welcome return to Rollover Milano Records at full speed, known for conjuring up space rock from far flung corners of the galaxy with a warm house and cosmic disco lean.